How to Stop the Mess from Taking Control of Your Life

Managing the mess in your home or work space can..


How to Stop the Mess from Taking Control of Your Life


Managing the mess in your home or work space can be one of the most challenging things you need to do. More so if you have somehow lost control of your clutter buildup. While it may seem more convenient to just leave the mess alone, having a cluttered and disorganized environment can be stressful. Protect your wellbeing by developing a routine to clean up mess in your home and work area. You can tidy up mess like a pro once you acquire the habit of devoting a few minutes of your time each day to the task.

Make it a habit to clean up regularly

Cleaning up mess on a regular basis is a good habit to develop. It makes it easier to remove clutter if you do it daily instead of doing it all at once. Here are a few ideas on how you can manage mess every day without spending too much time and effort:

  • Make time to clean up clutter each day and use it to survey your surroundings for any sign of mess buildup
  • Clean up mess in rooms or spaces after each use (i.e. kitchen, dining area, living room, etc)
  • Immediately sort the mail, throw away the junk, and keep the rest in one place
  • Put everything back in their proper places (i.e. hang car keys on hooks or put them in drawers, immediately hang coats on the coat rack, deposit umbrella in its holder, etc.)
  • Stack magazines and newspapers and get rid of them at the end of each week

Staying Clutter Free

Clearing out the mess everyday is a step towards staying clutter free. However, you still have to create routines that will prevent clutter from building up again. Apart from your daily clean up habits, the following are some of the things you can do to keep your home and work space organized:

Have a place for everything. Check your storage options before buying anything new. Your goal is to find a place for everything including your storage bins, boxes, hooks, and other containers you may have. Avoid buying more storage items just for stuff that you can get rid of anyway.

Harness the power of teamwork. You cannot manage mess effectively if you are living with others who contribute to the clutter. Make your organizing and decluttering routines a team effort. Encourage family or household members to develop a clean as you go or clean up after use habit at home.

Set them free. You may have an attachment to some, if not most, of the stuff you have accumulated over the years. If you seriously want to get rid of the mess, you have purge and let go of some of the things you have. You do not have to throw everything away. Sort them out to see if there is anything you can sell, donate, or give directly to someone you know.

Visualize your ideal clean space. Create a mental picture of how you want your living or work area to look without the mess. Keep it in your mind since it could serve as both a motivation and a guide in your daily decluttering routines.